Defining the content of individual physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions for stroke patients in an inpatient rehabilitation setting. Development, validation and inter-rater reliability of a scoring list.


OBJECTIVE To develop a valid and reliable scoring list to define the content of individual physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions for stroke patients in inpatient rehabilitation. DESIGN A list was developed based on previous lists, neurological textbooks and recorded therapy sessions. Content validity was verified and inter-rater reliability evaluated on videos of treatment sessions. In each of four rehabilitation centres, a researcher recorded and scored five physiotherapy and five occupational therapy sessions. These 40 treatment sessions were also scored by the first author. The scores of the researchers and first author were statistically compared. Settings and subjects : Forty stroke patients in four European rehabilitation centres. RESULTS The scoring list consists of 49 subcategories, divided into 12 categories: mobilization; selective movements; lying (balance); sitting (balance); standing (balance); sensory and visual perceptual training and cognition; transfers; ambulatory activities; personal activities of daily living; domestic activities of daily living; leisure- and work-related activities; and miscellaneous. Comparing the frequency of occurrence of the categories resulted in intraclass correlation coefficients, indicating high reliability for eight categories, good for one, and fair for two. One category was not observed. Spearman rank correlation coefficients were high to very high for 24 subcategories and moderate for four. Twenty-one subcategories contained too few observations to enable calculation of Spearman rank correlation coefficients. Average point-to-point percentage of agreement in time of the treatment sessions equalled 76.6 +/- 16.2%. CONCLUSIONS The list is a valid and reliable tool for describing the content of physiotherapy and occupational therapy for stroke patients.


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