Optimal Placement Delivery Arrays with Minimum Number of Rows


Coded caching scheme, which is an effective technique to reduce the load during peak traffic times, has recently become quite popular among the coding community. A placement delivery array (PDA in short) can be used to design a coded caching scheme. The number of rows of a PDA corresponds to the subpacketization level in the coded caching scheme. Thus, it is meaningful to construct the optimal PDAs with minimum number of rows. However, no one has yet proved that one of the previously known PDAs (or optimal PDAs) has minimum number of rows. We mainly focus on such optimal PDAs in this paper. We first prove that one class of the optimal PDAs by Maddah-Ali and Niesen has minimum number of rows. Next other two classes of optimal PDAs with minimum number of rows are obtained and proved from a new characterization of a PDA by means of a set of 3 dimensional vectors and a new derived lower bound.


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